Sexually transmitted infection is one of the significant public health problems. And the bigger problem is people hide sexual dysfunction instead of discussing it.

It is still not considered good to talk openly about sexual and reproductive health in our society. Due to a lack of knowledge about sexual and reproductive health, adolescent girls cannot become more aware of sexual and reproductive health, unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and sexual behaviour.

There are many women for whom menstruation is not a normal process but a painful one. Due to a lack of facilities and resources, menstruation gives rise to many problems.

Many infections occur in girls due to using dirty clothes during periods and not changing sanitary pads or cloth after a specific interval. For example, if the problem becomes severe, then the skin around the vagina turns red, and it swells. In which there is also a risk of wounding.

In many cases, due to neglect of cleanliness during the period, problems reach the reproductive tract, damaging the fallopian tubes. When these infections move from the vagina to the urinary tract. Then the risk of getting a urinary tract infection also increases.

Menstruation is not the only reason for getting UTI. Many other serious diseases occur to women due to lack of clean toilets and passing urine or defecation in a dirty place.

Having an unsafe abortion in the event of an unwanted first pregnancy can cause a woman to suffer from the problem of infertility throughout her life, due to which socially that woman has to face difficulties throughout her life.

As per Gynaecologists, you should keep a gap of at least three years between the birth of two children so that both mother and child remain healthy.

It is essential to create awareness among adolescents (both boys and girls) about reproductive health and family planning. It will help in equal participation by men and women in family planning.

Also, Gynaecologists suggest that instead of conceiving immediately after marriage, you should wait for at least two years. This will help the couple form a better bonding between them and enjoy married life.

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