A fleet of dedicated ambulance available 24*7 for patient carefully equipped to meet any medical emergency such as road accidents, cardiac arrest or transfer of critical patient etc.

Facility available in our Ambulance Includes

  • Emergency Kit containing all emergency drugs, equipment, drips.
  • Special Shock Absorbers to avoid jerks while taking the patient to the hospital
  • Two-way communication System to communicate between hospital and mobile care unit for expert advice and other requirements.
  • Ventilators, to provide oxygen supply to the patient
  • Telescopic Stretcher
  • Air Condition to provide maximum possible comfort to the patient
  • Suction Machine
  • Defibrillator
  • ACLS and VLS


It totally depends upon your Insurance plan and policy. Please read your insurance policy in detail or check with your insurance agent for more information.

Yes, we do provide.

A regular/ Emergency Ambulance is well equipped to provide all advance life support facilities in critical situation to the patients. While, Non-Emergency Ambulance is a facility provided to patient who are in stable conditions but are unable to travel in regular vehicles.

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