Foundation and Safety

With the belief that healthcare requires no compromise, we have handpicked everything from equipment, Felix
to our staff with the utmost care and responsibility.

Earthquake resistant building
Steel content of building is 1.5 times higher than normal, which makes building robust
Strong raft foundation base with 1.5 meters thickness
Use of high quality and branded material used, e.g. Concrete from Lafarge, Steel from Rathi and Electronics from Havells, Schneider, Northwest etc.
The entire building is equipped with world-class Fire Detection and fire- fighting system A building equipped with Fire Resistant cable wires, curtains etc., to prevent building to from fire
Eco-Friendly Environment
  • Natural Light on most of the beds.
  • Use LED lights to save power consumption
  • Centralized Air Conditioning
  • Centralized MGPS (Medical Gas Pipeline System)
The complete hospital is under CCTV Surveillance