Audiology And Speech Therapy

The Department of Audiology helps identify and evaluate the hearing disorder in infants, kids, and adults. The audiologist is the specialist who manages and heals any issues related to hearing.

We have highly qualified and experienced audiologists at Felix Hospital on our panel. Our audiologists specialize in providing diagnostic and holistic evaluations to people for any problems related to speech, language, hearing, and communication.

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At Felix Hospital

Our Services

Audiology Services, from standard to advanced, offered at Felix include:

Hearing Tests
Newborn Screening
Lifestyle solutions
Cochlear Implant
Swimming ear plugs
Noise plugs

The department of Speech Therapy focuses on improving the person's speech and their ability to comprehend, express, and communicate. It includes both verbal and non-verbal language.

We are known as the best speech therapy hospital near me in Noida. We also specialize in voice problems like Stammaering, Cleft Palate, Delayed Speech, Language, Misarticulation, Hoarse Voice, etc.

Felix hospital is well equipped with modern technologies and the latest infrastructure for all auditory and speech therapies. We have top audiologists and dedicated and committed staff to cater to all your needs.


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