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Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when our body is too high in blood sugar or blood glucose. Glucose (a type of sugar) is extracted from food which is used as energy by our body to perform day-to-day activities. To absorb this glucose from our blood, we need a hormone called Insulin (made by the pancreas). When our body doesn’t produce enough Insulin, glucose then stays in our blood and doesn’t reach the cells. This is a state of Diabetes.

Diabetes has become one of the most widespread diseases. It has been considered a significant cause of illness and premature death. It is very crucial to have a timely diagnosis and management of Diabetes. Diabetes can lead to many complications, but proper and appropriate medical care is easy to manage.

At Felix hospital, we offer world-class diabetic care. Our world-class diabetologist in Noida offers specialized services for better management of Diabetes.

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Types of Diabetes

At Felix Hospital, we offer world-class care to our patients and it is one of the best hospital for Diabetes in Noida. Our diabetes care plan not only aims at managing and providing treatment for Diabetes but also provide pre-Diabetes preventive care through lifestyle management and diet modification

  • Type I - It is an autoimmune condition, wherein, your own body attacks pancreas with the help of antibodies. In this state, the pancreas is unable to produce any insulin. The solution for Type I diabetics is to take insulin through injection/Syringes/Jet Injectors/Insulin Pumps.
  • Although there is no significant problem for leading a normal lifestyle. But Type I person has to make some lifestyle changes and stick to medication treatment.
  • Type II – This type of Diabetes is more commonly found in adults. In this type, the pancreas produces some insulin but it is unable to fulfil the requirement of the body. Family history, Obesity, extreme Stress etc are some of the common causes of type II diabetes.
  • Gestational Diabetes –This type of diabetes is commonly found in expecting mothers. During pregnancy, the blood sugar levels go too high. This type of diabetes can be temporary but chances of type II diabetes gets higher later in life.

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