Neurology is the field of medicine that deals with disease related to the brain, spinal cord and nerves.

A neurologist is a medical specialist in treating a disorder related to the nervous system which includes the brain and spinal cord.

At Felix Hospital, we treat all problems like coordination problems, muscle weakness, confusion, dizziness, headache, change in sensation Headache & Migraine, Epilepsy, Loss of Consciousness, Weakness & Paralysis, Sleep Disturbances, Neuro Infections, Speech & Swallowing Disorders, Walking & Balancing Difficulty, Visual Disturbances, Tingling & Numbness, Bladder Control, Cranio Facial Pain, Neuro Demyelinating Disorders

We also specialize in treating a Brain tumour, stroke, Trauma, neuromuscular and movement disorder, congenital anomalies of spine, neurosurgery.

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At Felix Hospital

Our Services

At Felix Healthcare our services include: -
Treat of stroke Brain haemorrhage Neck pain
Backaches Memory problems Alzheimer's
Treatment for Parkinson Dementias Seizures
Neuropathy Muscle disorder Migraine and Headaches.


Neuromuscular Disorder

Brain tumour Surgery


Epilepsy Treatment

Multiple sclerosis (MS)


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I visited Felix Hospital Sector- 137 Noida for my Covid-19 vaccination and I can say the hospital is very neat and clean and staff is very friendly and we were attended and vaccination done in under 30 minat.

aaj tak
Dinesh Singh

Neurosciences India