Sector 75 in Noida is emerging as a prime location for comprehensive healthcare services. With an influx of residents, the area is seeing a rapid increase in medical facilities, including both polyclinics and large hospitals offering specialized gynecological services.


Felix Hospital has established a polyclinic in Sector 75, Noida, which conveniently serves the nearby areas, including residents of Supertech Capetown. The nearest metro station to this area is Noida Sector 50, making it easily accessible. Additionally, notable nearby landmarks include the Moon Cloud Banquet in Uttar Pradesh 201301. If you are experiencing any gynecological issues, Felix Polyclinic Hospital in sector 75, offers comprehensive consultation services. Our Expert gynecologist is ready to provide the care and attention you need. Visit us today for any gynecological concerns.

If you need to consult a doctor regarding any issue, please visit the Felix Polyclinic in Sector 75, Noida. Call now +919910332178.

Dr. Surbhi Katyal at Felix Polyclinic

Dr. Surbhi Katyal, with 14+ years of extensive experience, specializes in various areas of obstetrics and gynecology. She is proficient in conducting normal deliveries and performing cesarean sections. Dr. Katyal is skilled in gynecological procedures such as Total Abdominal Hysterectomy (TAH), Vaginal Hysterectomy (VH), Laparoscopically Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy (LAVH), and Non-Descent Vaginal Hysterectomy (NDVH). Her expertise extends to the manual removal of placenta, application of outlet forceps, and vacuum-assisted deliveries. Additionally, she is adept at CTG interpretation, dilatation and evacuation, diagnostic hysteroscopy, and IUCD insertion, ensuring comprehensive care for her patients.

One notable gynecologist in Sector 75 is Dr. Surbhi Katyal, who practices at the Felix Polyclinic, a part of Felix Hospital. She offers a range of gynecological services from Monday to Saturday, between 04:00 PM and 07:00 PM. Katyal's expertise, combined with the comprehensive outpatient services at Felix Polyclinic, ensures that patients receive high-quality care for all their gynecological needs.

Gynecological Services Available

Women in Sector 75 have access to a variety of healthcare options for their specific needs. From routine check-ups to advanced treatments, these facilities are equipped to handle a broad spectrum of gynecological issues. The use of state-of-the-art medical technology enhances the accuracy of diagnoses and the effectiveness of treatments. Some of the services provided include:


  • Pregnancy Care and Childbirth: Proper consultancy on prenatal care, delivery services, and postpartum care.

  • Fertility Treatments: Assistance with conception and fertility-related concerns.

  • Menopause Management: Assist you for the treatment of symptoms and health issues related to menopause.

  • Routine Health Check-ups: Regular screenings to detect and prevent gynecological conditions early.


Advanced Medical Technology

Many gynecologists in Sector 75 use cutting-edge technology to provide better healthcare outcomes. These advancements allow for precise diagnosis and treatment of various conditions at polyclinic and gynecology hospital such as:


  • Genetic Counseling and Testing

  • Cryosurgery

  • Postpartum Sterilization

  • Day Care Procedures

  • Emergency Gynecological Services

  • Gynecological Endocrinology

Common Gynecological Conditions Treated

The healthcare facilities like polyclinic in Sector 75 are well-equipped to treat a wide range of gynecological conditions, including but not limited to:



Choosing the Right Gynecologist

When selecting a gynecologist, it's important to consider their qualifications, experience, and patient reviews. Here are some tips:


  • Check Their Credentials: Ensure the gynecologist has the necessary training and certifications.

  • Experience Matters: Look for a doctor with extensive experience in treating specific conditions or providing the care you need.

  • Patient Reviews: Read testimonials and reviews from other patients to gauge the quality of care provided.

Most polyclinics and hospitals provide detailed information about their doctors on their websites, making it easier to make an informed decision. A good gynecologist should make you feel comfortable, listen to your concerns, and offer personalized care that meets your specific needs.

If you have any gynecological concerns, Book an appointment today at Felix Polyclinic in Sector 75, Noida. Call now +919910332178.


Felix Polyclinic at Sector 75 in Noida is rapidly becoming a hub for comprehensive healthcare services, especially in gynecology. Felix Polyclinic, part of Felix Hospital, offers specialized care with Dr. Surbhi Katyal, ensuring quality treatment from Monday to Saturday. Equipped with advanced technology, the clinic provides services like pregnancy care, fertility treatments, and routine health check-ups. Located near Noida Sector 50 metro station, it's easily accessible for residents of Supertech Capetown and surrounding areas. For expert gynecological care in Sector 75, book an appointment at Felix Polyclinic today by calling +919910332178.



1) What Does a Gynecologist Do?

Ans. A gynecologist is a medical doctor specializing in women's reproductive health. Their responsibilities include:

1. Routine Examinations: Conducting pelvic exams, Pap smears, and breast exams to monitor reproductive health and detect early signs of conditions like cervical or breast cancer.
2. Diagnosis and Treatment: Identifying and treating reproductive system disorders such as endometriosis, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
3. Pregnancy and Childbirth Care: Providing prenatal care, managing labor and delivery, and offering postpartum care.
4. Family Planning: Advising on and providing contraception methods, fertility treatments, and counseling on reproductive options.
5. Menstrual Disorders: Diagnosing and treating irregular, painful, or heavy menstrual cycles.
6. Menopause Management: Helping manage symptoms associated with menopause and providing hormone replacement therapy if necessary.

2) What Is a Male Gynecologist Called?

Ans. A male gynecologist is called the same as a female gynecologist—a gynecologist. The term "gynecologist" is gender-neutral and refers to the specialty, not the doctor's gender.

3) What Is the Difference Between a Gynecologist and an OB-GYN?

Ans. An OB-GYN, or obstetrician-gynecologist, is a physician who has both specialties:

1. Gynecology: As described above, it deals with the health of the female reproductive systems (vagina, uterus, and ovaries) and the breasts.
2. Obstetrics: This branch deals with pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. Obstetricians care for pregnant women, deliver babies, and handle postpartum care.

4) Do Gynecologists Do Surgery?
Ans. Yes, gynecologists can perform a variety of surgical procedures. Some common surgeries include:

  • Hysterectomy: Removal of the uterus.

  • Myomectomy: Removal of uterine fibroids.

  • Laparoscopy: Minimally invasive surgery for conditions like endometriosis.

  • Tubal Ligation: A form of permanent birth control by blocking or sealing the fallopian tubes.

  • D&C (Dilation and Curettage): Procedure to remove tissue from the uterus.

  • C-section (Cesarean Section): Surgical delivery of a baby.

Gynecologists with additional training in surgery or subspecialties may perform more complex procedures.

5) Is it necessary to book an appointment before visiting the clinic?
Ans. No, it's not necessary to book an appointment before visiting the clinic. However, booking an appointment can help you save time.


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