Nobody likes to know that they smell bad. And people generally do not tell you if you smell bad.

But there several ways which can help you know if you smell bad.

  • The easiest way to know is to notice people if they are moving away/step back orthey start rubbing their nose when you are talking to them
  • Ask a close friend/family member – You can ask your closed one if you smell bad. Generally, people do not point out by themselves even if they have noticed it
  • Wrist check – You can lick your wrist from inside. Check the smell once the area where you licked dries. This is the sure shot test as if you have bad breath, the sulphur salt from your tongue get stuck to your wrist
  • Bad taste – If you have a bad taste in your mouth it is an indicator of bad breath
  • Test with the mirror – Stand in front of the mirror. Put your tongue out as far as possible and check if there is any white colour on your tongue
  • Test with dental floss – When you use the floss to clean your teeth especially back teeth where the food gets stuck if you find that smelly. It is a sure indicator of bad breath
  • Test with cotton – Taken a small piece of cotton and wipe the backside of your tongue. If it smells or you notice yellow stains, it is an indicator for higher production of sulphide resulting in bad breath
  • The Spoon test – Rub the inverted spoon at the back of your tongue. If it smells or if there is any white coating seen on the spoon then you have bad breath
  • Use a dental kit – You can check using a dental kit available at the medical store
  • The last and most accurate way to check if you have bad breath is by paying a visit to the dentist and get yourself checked

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