Diabetes is a condition in which your body part pancreases cannot make enough insulin which results in an increase in your glucose level/blood sugar level. In simple terms, it means the body is not getting the required energy from the food.

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As per IDF (International Diabetes Federations), every 2nd person in the world has type 2 diabetes, and the person might not even know. Less than 1 in a family of 4 have access to the diabetes education program.

As a society, we are so ignorant of the growing concern. And honestly, I have come across a couple of patients who feel proud of boasting they are diabetic 

What causes diabetes? 

One reason is it is genetic or family history. And the other reasons which contribute to these conditions are our sedentary lifestyle, increased stress levels, no physical activity, our eating habits, etc.


How do you identify if you are diabetic/early signs of diabetics? 

Our body is capable of telling us that something is not right in the system by showing some signs to us. But thanks to our ignorance and “chalta hai attitude,” we tend to ignore those early warnings. You should listen to your body and pay attention when it tells you something. 

Some of the early signs to detect diabetes are – excessive thirst and hunger, frequent urination, unexplained weight loss or gain, slow healing of wounds, blurred vision, nausea, extreme fatigue.  

If you find any of these systems, you should take advice from your doctors.


What should you do to prevent yourself from getting diabetic?

Genetic and family history risk is something difficult to ignore. But you can always take precautions.

  • Do physical activity at least 30-40 mins a day for 5 days a week. It can include walking, jogging, running, playing some sport, etc
  • Eat a balanced diet of seasonal veggies, fruits, nuts, dairy products, etc.
  • Eat a smaller portion of everything instead of eating big-large portions. This way, you will eat and enjoy everything of your choice.
  • Reduce your consumption of junk food, packaged food, etc.

Eat healthily and stay healthy. 

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