Are you struggling to lose weight? And looking for a non-surgical solution to help you shed those extra pounds? If so, gastric balloon surgery might be the answer you've been looking for. Felix Hospital stands as the best gastroenterologist hospital in Noida, providing advanced treatments including gastric balloon surgery. Before you initiate your online search for gastric balloon surgery, we aim to provide you with an overview of the associated costs and further details pertaining to this procedure.

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How Much Does Gastric Balloon Surgery Cost In India?

The cost of Gastric Balloon Surgery in India is contingent upon several variables, including the specific procedure, the operating surgeon's professional fees, the hospital or clinic where the surgery is performed, and any additional charges such as anesthesia or laboratory tests. However, the average cost of gastric balloon surgery in India may range from ₹ 2.5 Lac to ₹ 4.5 Lac.


Starting Cost₹ 2,50,000
Maximum Cost₹ 6,20,000
Average Cost₹ 4,35,000


Felix Hospital offers you the most affordable and budget-friendly cost for Gastric Balloon Surgery in Noida.


Starting Cost₹ 1,25,000
Maximum Cost₹ 4,20,000
Average Cost₹ 2,35,000


Factors Affecting Gastric Balloon Surgery Cost

If you are considering gastric balloon surgery in Noida, you may be curious about its cost. The cost of gastric balloon surgery depends on various factors, including surgeon's fees, dietitian's fees, hospitalization charges, surgery costs, and medication expenses. Below is a detailed explanation of how these factors affect the overall cost of gastric balloon surgery:


Surgery Cost: The cost of gastric balloon surgery can vary depending on factors such as the hospital, the surgeon's expertise, and any additional services or packages offered.

Hospitalization Charges (ICU + Hospital Room): Hospitalization charges for gastric balloon surgery can vary based on the duration of hospital stay and the type of room required. ICU charges are typically higher than regular room charges.

Cost of Medicine: The cost of medications can vary depending on prescribed drugs, anesthesia, pain management, and other related medications.

Surgeon Consultation Fee: The consultation fee for the surgeon may vary based on their experience and reputation.

Dietitian Fee: The fee for a dietitian consultation can vary depending on the dietitian's experience and the number of consultations required.


Finding the best Gastric Balloon Removal Cost is now easier than ever. Relax and leave your worries behind because Felix Hospital offers the most competitive and accessible costs for gastric balloon surgery. Discuss with the Felix Hospital team to address any doubts and ensure securing the most competitive price.

Tips To Reduce Cost of Gastric Balloon Surgery

Reducing the cost of gastric balloon surgery can be important for many individuals. Here are some tips to consider:


Compare Prices: Research and compare the costs of gastric balloon surgery from different clinics and hospitals. Prices can vary significantly, so finding a competitive rate is key.

Insurance Coverage: Check if your health insurance covers gastric balloon surgery. Some policies may cover part or all of the procedure if it's deemed medically necessary.

Clinic/Hospital Packages: Some clinics/hospitals offer package deals that include the cost of the procedure along with follow-up visits and support. These packages may be more cost-effective than paying for each service separately.

Medical Tourism: Consider traveling to countries where medical procedures are more affordable. However, ensure the clinic and medical professionals have good reputations and adhere to international standards.

Negotiation: Inquire if the clinic offers discounts or payment plans. Sometimes, negotiating the price or asking for a discount for paying upfront can result in savings.

Tax Deductions: In some countries, medical expenses including weight-loss treatments may be tax-deductible. Check with a tax advisor to see if you qualify for any deductions.

Research Financing Options: Look into financing options offered by the clinic/hospital or through medical financing companies. This can help you spread out the cost of the surgery over time.

Consider Alternative Procedures: Depending on your situation, there may be alternative weight-loss procedures or treatments that are more cost-effective.


By exploring these tips, you can potentially reduce the overall cost of gastric balloon surgery and make it more financially manageable.

Why Choose Felix Hospital for gastric balloon surgery ?

Felix Hospital is dedicated to providing exceptional gastric balloon surgery services, delivered by highly skilled surgeons specializing in weight loss procedures. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of our patient care. Here’s why we’re the best choice:

Consultation: We conduct thorough assessments to determine eligibility and customize surgery plans according to individual needs.

Surgery Planning: Utilizing advanced techniques and technology, we create personalized treatment plans to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Surgery: Our surgeons perform minimally invasive procedures in state-of-the-art facilities, promoting quicker recovery times and minimizing discomfort.

Recovery: We offer dedicated care and personalized support to assist patients in achieving their weight loss goals effectively and safely.

Post-operative Care: Our expert team provides comprehensive post-operative care, ensuring continuous support and monitoring for optimal recovery and long-term success.

Choose Felix Hospital for superior gastric balloon surgery services that prioritize your health and well-being at every stage of your journey toward a healthier lifestyle.

Know Our Best Gastroenterologist At Felix Hospital

Dr. Amrit Yog Datley

Dr. Amrit Yog Datley is a distinguished Gastroenterologist and Critical Care Specialist with over 8 years of expertise. He is highly skilled in diagnosing and managing a diverse range of gastroenterological conditions, including advanced procedures like gastric balloon surgery. Dr. Datley's commitment to patient care is evident in his meticulous approach to treatment, ensuring comprehensive care and optimal outcomes for patients seeking weight management through non-surgical interventions.

Dr. Jagatjot Singh Gill
Dr. Jagatjot Singh Gill is a proficient Gastroenterologist with over 11 years of experience dedicated to enhancing patient well-being. Specializing in advanced gastroenterological procedures, including gastric balloon surgery, Dr. Gill excels in personalized treatment strategies tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient. His expertise and commitment to excellence underscore his ability to deliver comprehensive care and effective weight management solutions using minimally invasive techniques.


Gastric Balloon Surgery at Felix Hospital, led by the best gastroenterologist in Noida, offers a transformative solution for weight loss by placing a silicone balloon in the stomach, reducing capacity and fostering healthier lifestyles. Our expertise ensures safe, effective procedures with personalized care. What sets us apart? It is that we, at Felix Hospital, combine top-tier medical care with affordability, making quality treatment accessible to all. Choose Felix for your gastric balloon surgery journey and experience excellence in healthcare.

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Frequently Asked Questions :

1. What is gastric balloon surgery?

Gastric balloon surgery involves placing a deflated balloon into the stomach, which is then inflated to reduce stomach capacity and promote weight loss. It's a non-surgical procedure used for treating obesity.

2. How does gastric balloon surgery help in weight loss?

The gastric balloon creates a feeling of fullness, reducing hunger and helping patients eat less. This calorie restriction leads to weight loss over the duration the balloon remains in the stomach, typically six months.

3. What are the benefits of gastric balloon surgery?

Benefits include significant weight loss, improvement in obesity-related health conditions, and it's less invasive than traditional weight loss surgeries, often requiring no incisions.

4. Are there any risks associated with gastric balloon surgery?

Risks can include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and in rare cases, balloon deflation or migration. Serious complications like bowel obstruction or perforation are very uncommon but possible.

5. Who is eligible for gastric balloon surgery?

Ideal candidates are typically overweight individuals who haven't succeeded with diet and exercise alone but don't require or aren't ready for more invasive weight loss surgeries. A BMI typically between 30 and 40 is often recommended.

6. For how long does a gastric balloon remain in the stomach?

The gastric balloon is usually left in place for six months. During this time, patients undergo dietary counseling and adopt healthier habits to maximize weight loss.

7. What happens if the intragastrical balloon deflates?

If the balloon deflates prematurely, it may pass through the digestive tract naturally or require endoscopic removal if it causes symptoms like obstruction or discomfort.

8. How is the intragastric balloon removed?

Removal is typically done endoscopically, where a flexible tube with a camera is inserted into the stomach to deflate and then remove the balloon. It's a minimally invasive procedure usually performed under sedation.

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