Kidney Stones are hard deposits composed of waste materials like uric acid or minerals like calcium. They start out small but gradually enlarge as time goes on because more minerals adhere to the inner lining of the kidneys for an extended period of time. While small kidney stones may dissolve on their own through urine without medical intervention, larger stones are typically uncomfortable and can become lodged in the urinary tract, necessitating immediate surgical removal. So now feeling troubled by the idea of surgery? Worry not!!!! At Felix Hospital, we are there to serve you the best with the Best Kidney Surgeon in Noida. So only we are proud to acknowledge that Felix Hospital is one of the Best Kidney Stone Removal Hospital in Noida.


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Causes of Kidney Stone Surgery


Kidney Stones are formed when stone forming substances are excreted in the urine. So any change in composition of urine contributes to the formation of kidney stones. Below are some common factors causing such a situation:

  • Change in urine composition due to irregularity in metabolism
  • Blockage in the passage of urine
  • Stomach and digestive problems
  • Drinking less water 
  • High intake of proteins, vitamin D supplements, excessive salt or sugar, sodium, protein

Symptoms of Kidney Stone Surgery

  • Difficulty in passing of urine
  • Dark pigmentation of urine
  • Surfacing of blood in the urine
  • Radiating pain towards lower abdomen and groin area
  • Pain in the testicular area in men


Types of of Kidney Stone Surgery


  • Shock Wave Lithotripsy: 

It is the most often used kidney stone treatment, and it is most effective for people with tiny to medium-sized stones. For those with bigger stones, this treatment might not be sufficient. The kidney stone is targeted with ultrasound shock waves during this surgical technique, which causes the stone to break up into little pieces that can be easily passed through the urine.


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  • Ureteroscopy:

A narrow, flexible scope is used by the surgeon in this surgical operation to locate and remove stones. A small telescope called a ureteroscope is inserted via the urethra and bladder and then advanced up the ureter to the site of the stone. If the stone is small, the ureter can be easily cleaned of it. Otherwise, a laser would be needed to cut the stone into pieces. These fragments are taken out after the stone has been split into tiny pieces. Large stone patients should not have this surgery.


  • Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy:

This method is used to treat kidney stones in individuals who have large or unusually shaped stones, particularly in those who cannot be treated with the first two procedures. Patients with stones larger than 2 cm in diameter are the only ones who can benefit from this surgical technique. A tiny incision in the back is used to access the kidney. A nephroscope and other small devices are passed through the body hole once the surgeon has reached the kidney. Following the employment of high-frequency sound waves to break up the stone, a suction machine is utilised to remove the dust.


  • Open Surgery:

Open surgery is a rather uncommon approach for kidney stone treatment today. Only when kidney stones are impinging on the urine flow and causing severe discomfort and bleeding may a doctor recommend open surgery. Large stones or those that cannot be removed or crushed with conventional therapies should be treated surgically. The ureter's aperture where a stent was inserted to aid in urine drainage will be used to remove the stone.


Prevention of Kidney Stone Surgery

  • Keep yourself regularly hydrated
  • Reduce intake of animal protein and sodium from the diet
  • Avoid consuming processed food, pickles, fast-food
  • Take rich intake of calcium



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