It all starts when you get to know that you are pregnant, you will be taking care of the little one. This news for first time parents brings lot of responsibility and excitement. You as parents want to give everything possible in the world to your child – new toys, clothes, bed and some of you renovate an entire room to welcome the baby. But in your excitement, you forget the practical aspect

Do you think a new born will need a separate room which you have renovated?

Will that newborn baby be able to play with all the new toys-gadgets you got for him?

Will that newborn be using separate bed immediately after birth?

Well, the answer to these questions is NO. The baby would not need all these things immediately after birth. So, you will definitely get time to buy things as per your actual needs.

Below are some tips which can help you prepare and plan for your newborn.

1. The Baby Shower – It is the ritual celebrated to give blessings and special gifts to the mother and the to be born baby. You can request your close family members to gift the things which you may need for your baby. This way you will have lot of things handy and you do not duplicate the things. So, you can spend the money on other required things

2. Do not fall for “must have” checklist for newborn which are available on most of the baby websites. The list of must have are extremely lucrative and you feel like buying all the things. But practically, you will not need half the things you purchased. So, be careful in making your own list by asking your friends and relatives who are already parents.

3. Be creative yet simple – You can be creative for decorating the nursery, the room for your baby but keep it simple. Do not overdo with buying lot of toys, blankets, etc.

4. Breastfeed if you can - Mothers milk is the best for your baby. It provides all the nutrients required for the baby. This way you will not need bottles, nipples, formula milk etc. which will also help in saving a lot of money.

5. Do not feel bad in accepting second hand clothing or toys. Rather it is advisable to use used clothes. They are not only warm but are comfortable for your newborn’s soft skin. Also, baby outgrows their clothes in about two to three months. There will be many brand-new clothes which you end up donating as your baby has grown.

6. Make your own list – Sit down and create a list of things which you think is important for your baby. Think wisely as to what you would need and do not get into a trap of buying everything.

7. Make your home baby friendly – Keep minimum things at your home and try to make it baby friendly. The corner table, sharp edges, glass items etc., make the things baby friendly. And do not buy these if you do not have already.

Enjoy with your new born than worrying about the stuff you need to buy.

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