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Neck Pain(Cervical Pain)

Neck pain is a prevalent medical condition found in people these days. It can arise from several disorders and diseases of any tissues in the neck. Common neck pain conditions are whiplash, a herniated disc, or a pinched nerve.

Common Symptoms

Common signs are pain around the neck, Numbness, Weakness, Deformity, Difficulty in swallowing, Dizziness


It is majorly caused by Prolonged postures, Stress, Pinched nerve, Spondylosis, Carotid artery dissection, Spinal disc herniation, Spinal stenosis

How to Prevent It

  • Maintain a good posture
  • Take frequent breaks
  • Always work at an ergonomic level
  • Avoid lifting heavy bags

The treatment varies from person to person depending upon the condition and pain level. Visit the hospital to get treatment from the best physiotherapist.