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Family Planning & Contraception

For premier contraceptive and birth control services in Noida, look no further than Felix Hospital. Our elective and emergency contraceptive interventions boast minimal risk, showcasing our commitment to patient safety and satisfaction.

Led by esteemed gynecologists and supported by skilled technicians and compassionate nursing staff, our facility operates round-the-clock, delivering personalized care. Equipped with advanced technology, At Felix Hospitals, we provide the latest technology to provide a wide range of family planning services. We make sure our patients receive top-notch care.

Whether you seek contraception advice, long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) insertion, or emergency contraceptive procedures, Felix Hospital in Noida stands ready to meet your needs with excellence.


Methods of Contraception

Contraception refers to the intentional prevention of pregnancy, which can be achieved through either barrier methods or hormonal methods. Barrier methods function by obstructing sperm from reaching the female's egg, while hormonal contraception works by inhibiting ovulation.

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At Felix Hospitals, our top-rated doctors take time during consultations to understand the specific needs of each couple before recommending the most suitable contraceptive solution especially during family planning. Barrier methods include condoms, diaphragms, and cervical caps, while hormonal methods encompass birth control pills, intrauterine devices like copper T, and the Mirena Ring.


Surgical Methods

In addition to medical approaches to contraception, surgical techniques offer long-term solutions for preventing pregnancy. Typically considered when a family is complete or a couple wishes to delay their next child, these methods are available for both males and females. For males, a urologist can perform a vasectomy surgery, whereas a tubal ligation surgery is done  for females. This laparoscopic procedure involves sealing the fallopian tubes to prevent eggs from traveling to the uterus, where they could be fertilized by sperm. Tubal ligation is often regarded as a permanent contraceptive solution.


Common Contraceptive Services Offered

  • Contraceptive Counselling
  • Insertion of Intrauterine Devices (IUDs)
  • Subdermal Contraceptive Implant (Implanon/Nexplanon) Placement
  • Contraceptive Injection Administration (Depo-Provera)
  • Emergency Contraception (Morning-After Pill)
  • Our contraceptive specialists at Felix Hospital are renowned for their expertise and commitment to patient well-being. When seeking reliable and confidential contraceptive services in Noida, choose Felix Hospital for unparalleled excellence and peace of mind.


Common Contraceptive Conditions and Concerns

  • Unintended Pregnancy Prevention
  • Menstrual Irregularities Management
  • Contraceptive Side Effects Management
  • Contraceptive Method Selection Guidance
  • Contraceptive Failure Evaluation and Management

At Felix Hospital, we understand the importance of personalized contraceptive services for family planning. Whether you're exploring contraception services options for the first time or seeking alternatives, our experienced gynecologists are here to provide comprehensive support and guidance tailored to your individual needs.


Causes of Unintended Pregnancies

Unintended pregnancies can arise due to various factors, including inconsistent or incorrect contraceptive use, lack of access to contraception, contraceptive failure, and insufficient knowledge about reproductive health and family planning.


Common Symptoms

While unintended pregnancies may not exhibit specific symptoms, individuals may experience emotional distress, uncertainty, and anxiety about their reproductive health and future.
For transparent and competitively priced contraceptive services in Noida, Felix provides detailed pricing information for all procedures performed at our state-of-the-art facility. We prioritize affordability without compromising on quality, ensuring accessible contraception services for all individuals in need.


Treatment Options for Unintended Pregnancies

In the event of an unintended pregnancy, Felix Hospital offers compassionate and nonjudgmental support, including,

  • Options Counselling : Our clinic provides comprehensive options counselling, where individuals can explore all available choices regarding their pregnancy. Our trained counsellors offer empathetic support and ensure that individuals are informed about each option, including parenting, adoption, and abortion.
  • Pregnancy Testing : We offer accurate and confidential pregnancy testing services to confirm pregnancy early on. Our testing methods are reliable, providing individuals with timely information to make informed decisions about their reproductive health.
  • Access to Abortion Services : For those considering abortion, our hospital offers safe and legal abortion services in accordance with local regulations. We prioritize patient safety and well-being throughout the process, ensuring access to skilled medical professionals and supportive care before, during, and after the procedure.
  • Nonjudgmental Support : At Felix, we prioritize creating a supportive and nonjudgmental environment for individuals facing unintended pregnancies. Our staff members are trained to offer compassionate care without imposing personal beliefs or stigmatizing individuals for their reproductive choices.
  • Confidentiality : We understand the importance of confidentiality in sensitive matters like reproductive health. Our clinic strictly adheres to privacy regulations to ensure that individuals' personal information remains secure and protected throughout their interaction with our services.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Birth Control Services:


  • What types of methods are available?

Felix Hospital offers a comprehensive range of contraceptive methods, including:

  • Intrauterine Devices (IUDs)
  • Subdermal Contraceptive Implants
  • Oral Contraceptives (Birth Control Pills)
  • Contraceptive Injections (Depo-Provera)
  • Barrier Methods (Condoms, Diaphragms)
  • Emergency Contraception (Morning-After Pill)


  • How effective are contraceptive methods?

The effectiveness of contraceptive methods varies depending on factors such as method adherence and individual physiology. Our specialists at Felix Hospital provide thorough contraception advice to help you choose the method best suited to your needs and lifestyle.

  • Are contraceptive services confidential?

Yes, confidentiality is paramount at Felix Hospital. Our team respects your privacy and ensures that all consultations and procedures are conducted with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

  • What should I expect during a contraceptive consultation?

During your contraceptive consultation at Felix Hospital, our gynecologists will review your medical history, discuss your goals and preferences, and provide contraception advice about available methods. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions and make an informed decision about your contraceptive care.

  • How do I schedule a contraceptive appointment?

To schedule a contraceptive appointment at Felix Contraceptive Care in Noida, simply contact our office by phone or through our online booking portal. Our friendly staff will assist you in scheduling a convenient appointment time and provide any necessary information prior to your visit.

If you're seeking contraceptive services in Noida, Felix Hospital offers a range of options to suit your preferences and lifestyle. From consultations to procedure administration, our skilled team ensures a comfortable and confidential experience, empowering you to make informed decisions about your reproductive health. Book Your Appointment Now, Call at +91 9667064100.