Are you experiencing discomfort or dissatisfaction with the appearance of your hymen? Hymenoplasty, a surgical procedure aimed at reshaping or reconstructing the hymen, may be the solution you are seeking. Whether you desire to restore your hymen for cultural, personal, or medical reasons, hymenoplasty can give you the confidence and peace of mind you deserve. By consulting with a skilled gynecologist specialized in hymen reconstruction, you can explore the options available to you, understand the procedure's benefits and potential risks, and make an informed decision about your well-being. Take the first step towards reclaiming your self-assurance and embracing a more satisfying future.


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How much does hymenoplasty cost in India?

India is renowned for its affordable yet high-quality medical procedures, including hymenoplasty. With state-of-the-art medical facilities and experienced gynecological surgeons, India offers cost-effective healthcare options that can help you achieve your desired outcome. The cost of hymenoplasty in India is significantly lower compared to other countries, making it an appealing choice for patients seeking this procedure. Whether you require a minor hymen reshaping or a complete hymen reconstruction, you can access exceptional care and excellent results without straining your finances.

What is the estimate of hymenoplasty cost in Noida?

Several factors influence the cost of hymenoplasty in Noida, including the complexity of the procedure, the surgeon's fees, hospital facilities, and post-operative care. Here is a rough estimate of the cost:


Starting Cost₹25,000
Average Cost₹ 35,000-45,000
Maximum Cost₹ 50,000 or more


At Felix Hospital in Noida, we strive to provide affordable solutions for hymenoplasty surgery costs. We understand the significance of delivering quality healthcare within your budget. Our team of skilled gynecologists and compassionate staff are dedicated to providing exceptional care at an affordable cost. Take the first step towards reclaiming your confidence and achieving your desired results.

What is the cost of Hymenoplasty in Noida for different types?

Hymenoplasty, or hymenoplasty, is a surgical procedure that offers various techniques to reshape or reconstruct the hymen. The cost of hymenoplasty in Noida can vary depending on the specific technique chosen and other factors such as the surgeon's fees, hospital facilities, and post-operative care. Here is an overview of the costs for different types of hymenoplasty procedures:


  • Simple Hymenoplasty: This procedure involves repairing a torn hymen using sutures. Simple hymenoplasty typically costs approximately INR 30,000 to INR 50,000.

  • Complete Hymen Reconstruction: This technique involves recreating the hymen using vaginal tissue. The cost for complete hymen reconstruction ranges from approximately INR 40,000 to INR 70,000.

  • Combination Procedures: In some cases, additional procedures such as labiaplasty or vaginal tightening may be performed alongside hymenoplasty. The cost for combination procedures can start from around INR 60,000 and go up depending on the complexity of the procedures.

It is important to note that these cost estimates are approximate and can vary based on individual factors. To obtain an accurate cost estimate for hymenoplasty in Noida, it is recommended to consult with a skilled gynecologist who can assess your specific needs and provide you with a tailored treatment plan and cost breakdown.
At Felix Hospital in Noida, we understand the significance of providing quality healthcare within your budget. Our team of experienced gynecologists and dedicated staff are committed to delivering exceptional care at an affordable cost. Consult with us to explore your options and embark on your journey toward reclaiming your confidence and well-being.

What are the different factors that affect Hymenoplasty surgery?

Are you considering hymenoplasty and wondering about the factors that can affect its cost? The cost of hymenoplasty can be influenced by several factors, including:

  • Technique Used: Different techniques are available for hymenoplasty, such as simple hymen repair or complete hymen reconstruction. The complexity of the chosen technique can impact the cost.

  • Surgeon's Fees: The expertise and experience of the surgeon performing the hymenoplasty can affect the cost. Highly skilled and renowned surgeons may charge higher fees.

  • Hospital Facilities: The choice of hospital can influence the cost, as hospitals with advanced infrastructure, technology, and amenities may have higher charges.

  • Anesthesia and Medications: The cost of anesthesia during the surgery and any medications prescribed before, during, or after the procedure can contribute to the overall cost.

  • Diagnostic Tests and Imaging: Pre-operative diagnostic tests, such as blood tests or vaginal examinations, may be required to assess the condition and plan the surgery. These tests can add to the overall cost.

  • Duration of Hospital Stay: The length of hospital stay following hymenoplasty can impact the cost. Longer stays involve additional charges for room, board, nursing care, and other services.

  • Post-operative Care: The cost of follow-up visits, medications, and any required post-operative care, such as wound dressings or pain management, can contribute to the overall cost.

It is important to note that the cost estimates provided are approximate and can vary based on individual factors. To obtain an accurate cost estimate for hymenoplasty, it is recommended to consult with a skilled gynecologist who can assess your specific needs and provide you with a tailored treatment plan and cost breakdown.

At Felix Hospital, we understand the significance of providing quality healthcare within your budget. Our team of experienced gynecologists and dedicated staff are committed to delivering exceptional care at an affordable cost. Contact us at +91 9667064100 to learn more about hymenoplasty costs and to schedule an appointment.

Is hymenoplasty surgery covered by insurance?

Hymenoplasty surgery, a cosmetic procedure to reconstruct the hymen, is generally not covered by health insurance or mediclaim policies in India. Insurance companies typically consider hymenoplasty as an elective or cosmetic procedure, which falls outside the scope of their coverage. However, there may be rare cases where insurance could cover the cost if the surgery is deemed medically necessary due to certain circumstances, such as a damaged hymen caused by sexual assault or injury. It is essential to review the specific terms and conditions of your insurance policy and consult with your insurance provider to understand the coverage options available for hymenoplasty surgery.

What is hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure that reconstructs or repairs the hymen, a thin membrane at the opening of the vagina, often sought for cultural or personal reasons. Hymenoplasty is considered for various reasons, including cultural, religious, or personal beliefs and expectations. It is often sought by individuals who wish to restore the hymen for cultural or traditional reasons, such as preserving virginity or adhering to societal norms. Some individuals may choose hymenoplasty to address emotional or psychological concerns, regain a sense of identity, or alleviate anxiety related to sexual experiences or societal pressures.

It's important to note that hymenoplasty is a personal decision and not medically necessary. Each individual's motivations and circumstances may vary, and it is essential to have open discussions with a qualified healthcare professional to understand the procedure, its limitations, and any potential risks involved. Consulting with a skilled gynecologist or plastic surgeon can provide valuable insights and guidance for those considering hymenoplasty.

What are the types of hymenoplasty procedures?

Hymenoplasty can be categorized into different types based on the surgical techniques used. These types include:

  • Simple Suturing: In this technique, the existing hymenal tissue is stitched together to restore its appearance and integrity.

  • Flap Technique: This method involves creating a flap of vaginal tissue to reconstruct the hymen. The flap is then sutured in place to recreate the hymenal structure.

  • Alloplant Technique: Synthetic or biological materials, known as alloplants, are used in this technique to create a new hymen. These materials are surgically implanted and provide a reconstructed hymen.

  • Combination Technique: This approach combines elements of both suturing and flap techniques to reconstruct the hymen using a combination of existing tissue and additional vaginal tissue.


Preparing for Hymenoplasty:

The choice of hymenoplasty technique depends on factors such as the individual's anatomy, desired outcome, and the surgeon's expertise. It is important to consult with a qualified surgeon to determine the most suitable approach for an individual's specific needs.

Preparing for hymenoplasty involves several important steps:

  • Consultation: Schedule a consultation with a qualified gynecologist or plastic surgeon who specializes in hymenoplasty. During the consultation, discuss your expectations, motivations, and any concerns you may have. The surgeon will evaluate your medical history and conduct a physical examination to determine if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.

  • Understand the Procedure: Gain a clear understanding of the hymenoplasty procedure, including its benefits, limitations, and potential risks. Ask your surgeon any questions you may have and ensure that you have realistic expectations regarding the outcomes.

  • Medical Evaluation: Your surgeon may request certain medical tests or evaluations to assess your overall health and determine if there are any underlying conditions that may impact the surgery or recovery process. Follow their instructions regarding any pre-operative testing or examinations.

  • Lifestyle Adjustments: Your surgeon may provide specific instructions regarding lifestyle adjustments before the surgery. This may include avoiding medications or supplements that can interfere with the procedure, quitting smoking, and adjusting your diet or exercise routine.

  • Emotional Preparation: Hymenoplasty can have emotional implications, so it is important to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally. Reflect on your motivations for the procedure, address any concerns or anxieties, and ensure that you have a support system in place.

  • Follow Pre-operative Instructions: Your surgeon will provide you with specific pre-operative instructions that you should follow diligently. This may include fasting prior to the surgery, abstaining from certain medications, and arranging for someone to accompany you to and from the surgical facility.

  • Plan for Recovery: Hymenoplasty is typically an outpatient procedure with a relatively short recovery period. However, it is still important to plan for some downtime following the surgery. Arrange for someone to assist you during the initial recovery phase, stock up on necessary supplies, and ensure that you have a comfortable and supportive environment for healing.

It is crucial to closely follow the guidance and recommendations of your surgeon throughout the preparation process to optimize your safety and enhance the success of the hymenoplasty procedure.

The Hymenoplasty Procedure: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Anesthesia Administration: The procedure begins with the administration of anesthesia, either local or general, based on the doctor's recommendation. General anesthesia ensures the patient is unconscious throughout the procedure, while local anesthesia numbs the area being operated.

  • Accessing the Remaining Hymen Parts: The doctor carefully accesses the remaining parts of the hymen and removes any existing scar tissue.

  • Stitching the Remnants: Using dissolvable sutures, the doctor stitches back the remnants of the hymen. In cases where complete stitching is not possible, a small flap of vaginal lining or synthetic material may be used to create a structure resembling the hymen. This reconstructed layer may bleed during intercourse.

  • Recovery and Discharge: After the surgery, patients are moved to the recovery room for monitoring. Most patients are discharged within a few hours, accompanied by post-surgery care instructions provided by the doctor.

Hymenoplasty is a safe and scar-free procedure performed by experienced cosmetic gynecologists to ensure precise results and patient satisfaction. To undergo a reliable and effective hymenoplasty, consult with the best gynecology hospital near me near you. Call us today to schedule a consultation - +91 9667064100.


How does Hymenoplasty work?

Hymenoplasty involves the creation of a new tissue membrane or the reconstruction of torn tags to restore the appearance of the hymen. The procedure typically includes the following steps:

  • Formation of a Thin Layer: A thin layer of tissue is carefully extracted from the vaginal opening and delicately stitched at the site of the hymen.

  • Vascularization and Bleeding: Over time, the grafted tissue becomes vascularized, meaning it develops a blood supply. During the first intercourse after the surgery, this tissue layer may bleed, simulating the appearance and function of the original hymen.

For a successful hymenoplasty procedure and the best possible results, it is advisable to consult with a trusted healthcare professional.


Recovery after Hymenoplasty:

After undergoing hymenoplasty, it is important to follow proper post-operative care to ensure a smooth recovery. Here are some general guidelines for recovery:

  • Rest and Avoid Strenuous Activities: It is essential to get plenty of rest in the initial days after surgery. Avoid engaging in strenuous activities, heavy lifting, or intense exercise for at least a few weeks to allow the body to heal.

  • Pain Management: Mild discomfort or pain may be experienced after the procedure. Your doctor may prescribe pain medication to manage any discomfort. Follow the prescribed dosage and consult your doctor if the pain persists or worsens.

  • Proper Hygiene: Maintain good hygiene by keeping the vaginal area clean. Follow your doctor's instructions on bathing or showering after the surgery. Avoid using harsh soaps or perfumed products in the genital area.

  • Avoid Sexual Intercourse: It is recommended to abstain from sexual intercourse for the recommended duration as advised by your doctor. Engaging in sexual activity too soon after the surgery can disrupt the healing process.

  • Follow-up Appointments: Attend all scheduled follow-up appointments with your doctor. These visits are important for your doctor to assess your healing progress and address any concerns or questions you may have.

  • Healthy Lifestyle: Adopt a healthy lifestyle by eating nutritious meals, staying hydrated, and avoiding smoking or alcohol consumption, as these factors can affect the healing process.

  • Emotional Support: It is common to have emotional or psychological feelings after the surgery. Seek emotional support from trusted friends, family, or counseling services if needed.


Are there any complications of the hymenoplasty Surgery?

Remember, individual recovery experiences may vary, and it is important to follow your doctor's specific instructions for a successful recovery. If you have any concerns or experience unusual symptoms during the recovery period, contact your healthcare provider for guidance and support.

  • Like any surgical procedure, hymenoplasty carries certain risks and potential complications. While complications are generally rare, it is important to be aware of them. Some possible complications of hymenoplasty surgery include:

  • Infection: There is a risk of developing an infection at the surgical site. This can usually be prevented by following proper hygiene practices and taking prescribed antibiotics, if necessary.

  • Bleeding: Excessive bleeding during or after the surgery may occur, although it is uncommon. Your surgeon will take precautions to minimize bleeding during the procedure and provide instructions on managing any post-operative bleeding.

  • Pain and Discomfort: Mild to moderate pain or discomfort is common after hymenoplasty. This can usually be managed with pain medication prescribed by your doctor.

  • Scarring: Hymenoplasty aims to minimize visible scarring, but in some cases, scarring may occur. Most scars from hymenoplasty are small and discreet, but individual healing and scarring patterns can vary.

  • Allergic Reaction: There is a small risk of experiencing an allergic reaction to medications, anesthesia, or materials used during the surgery. Inform your surgeon about any known allergies beforehand.

  • Unsatisfactory Results: While most women achieve the desired outcome from hymenoplasty, there is a possibility that the reconstructed hymen may not provide the exact appearance or function desired. Discuss your expectations and potential outcomes with your surgeon beforehand.

It is important to choose a skilled and experienced surgeon for your hymenoplasty procedure to minimize the risk of complications. Your surgeon will provide you with pre-operative and post-operative instructions to follow, which can help reduce the likelihood of complications and promote a successful recovery. Be sure to communicate openly with your healthcare provider, ask questions, and address any concerns you may have throughout the process.

Why choose Felix Hospital for hymenoplasty surgery?

  • Skilled surgeons with extensive experience in hymenoplasty

  • Thorough consultations to determine the best approach for your specific needs

  • Personalized treatment plans using advanced techniques for optimal results

  • Minimally invasive procedures for faster recovery and minimal scarring

  • Dedicated care and support throughout the healing process

  • Transparent and competitive pricing for affordable access to high-quality care

Choose Felix Hospital for hymenoplasty surgery and benefit from the expertise of our skilled surgeons, personalized care, and a commitment to your well-being. Contact us today to begin your transformative journey.


Explore the transformative advantages of hymenoplasty surgery at Felix Hospital. Our expert surgeons offer a solution for restoring confidence and addressing personal concerns. By reconstructing the hymen, we aim to provide a sense of empowerment and enhanced well-being. While immediate results are noticeable, it's important to understand that the healing process may take time, with swelling gradually subsiding and surgical scars fading over several months. Rest assured, the long-lasting benefits make the journey worthwhile. For inquiries about hymenoplasty surgery and related costs, please reach out to us at +91 9667064100.

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