Antibiotics are powerful medicines that fight a specific bacterial infection. They either stop bacteria from reproducing or destroy them. Antibiotics medicines have the capability to kill harmful bacteria that our immune system (WBC) cannot fight. Thus, these antibiotics can only be prescribed by a certified medical doctor.

5 quick facts about antibiotics

  • Penicillin is the first natural antibiotics discovered by Alexander Fleming
  • Antibiotics either kill or slow the growth of bacteria.
  • diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, rash, upset stomach are some of the minor side effects caused by antibiotics. But these side effects usually go away in a day or two. But you should always inform your doctor about the side effects (if any).
  • Antibiotics medicines are available with a prescription of a medical practitioner. Only some topical medicines such as creams and ointment can be obtained over the counter without prescription. 
  • Antibiotics cannot fight viral infections such as Upper respiratory tract infection (URTIs) like cold and flue 


2 Most horrible habits made of people 

People make two most horrible habits:

  • Self- Medication – You should never try to treat yourself or your family members with antibiotics on your own. To avoid a visit to the doctor due to reasons like laziness, medicine prescribed earlier on same infection or simply out of fear, many people take the medicine on their own. 

You need to understand there is always a possibility that your doctor may change the medicine depending upon your condition, or some new/advanced medicine is available in the market, or there can be a case that the previous medicine is no longer in use. 

You should never experiment with antibiotics when it comes to your health.

  • Leave the antibiotic course in between - You should always complete the antibiotic course. Many people have the habit to stop the prescribed antibiotics course in between when they start feeling better. This may result in bacteria to come back as the process have been completed. You should always finish the prescribed medicine course even if you feel completely fit and fine. 

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