Every parent wants their child to become a successful, confident, and good human being. A child is like a sponge, which can take any shape and can absorb almost everything they see/learn.

It is important to prepare our children for turmoil, life’s struggles, and failure, so that they are better equipped to face real-world challenges.


Here are 5 things every kid need –

1. A reliable environment – Children need to feel that they are protected from the outside world. They should feel safe in the environment they live in. As they grow and develop, they become more sensitive, and their senses are also heightened based on what is around them. They love routines, and it helps them to understand boundaries, etc.


2. Opportunities to grow – A kid will succeed only when given a chance to grow. It is important for kids to experience different things, to be exposed to various things. It can be as small as reciting a poem in front of 10 people, a drawing competition, etc. these activities have given them a chance to explore and learn new things. 

Their untapped potential is tested against their skills and comfort zone by giving them opportunities to grow.


3. Connectivity – Children need to feel connected whether in touch, eye contact, or a hug. They find comfort in people that care for them.

When kids feel disassociated from people, they are more insecure and never feel like they belong anywhere.

Emotionally distant adults can give children the illusion that there is something wrong with them, leaving them confused damaging their self-esteem for a very long time.


4. Encouragement – Children need encouraging words and action. A child believes whatever they hear the most. Most of the time, we point to their mistakes, what they haven’t done right instead of what they are good at. The more positive we talk about the child, the more encouraged the child.  

The boost we give to children supports who they are. Every word of encouragement and supportive action confirms our belief in that child, as we become their greatest role models.

Last but not least – 


5. Problem-solving skills – We as parents often try to fix everything for them, from tying their shoelaces to solving their arguments with their friends to doing their homework, etc. We provide solutions to everything single challenge they face. Though we intend to help them, we do more harm by taking care of everything. Kids should be allowed to fix their problems on their own, to find solutions to everyday issues. They should learn to fail to cherish success. 


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