• The most common reason (90%) inadequate intake of food
  • Feeding problems with caregiver resulting in poor intake.
  • Infection and Illnesses affecting oral cavity resulting in difficulty in swallowing like Ulcers, Tonsillitis, Pharyngitis, Cleft Palate and Cerebral Palsy.
  • Recurrent Vomiting due to Gastroenteritis, Gastritis, GER (Gastro- Esophageal Reflux) and in rare cases Pyloric Stenonis.
  • Inability to digest food due to poor capacity of the pancreas, In this case, children complain of bulky, frothy, loose, foul smelling and greasy stools.
  • Disorders of the bowel can also cause children to have poor weight gain.
  • In some cases Hyperthyroidism can cause increased metabolic rate and loss of calories resulting in weight loss.
  • A child with a heart disorder (like VSD) that leads to heart failure may also not feed well.
  • Rarely, kidney failure or other kidney disorders will affect weight gain (as well as height) by affecting certain mechanisms of growth.
  • Some children may have genetic disorders that affect weight gain and require evaluations by specialists.

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