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Clubfoot Treatment

Clubfoot refers to a disorder in which either a foot points down or inward at the time of birth. In a few cases, the soles of both the feet face each other.

This condition is identified around 18-21 weeks of pregnancy during an ultrasound or at the time of birth.

Common Symptoms

  • The heel points either down or inward
  • The feet face each other
  • The foot is short and broad or narrow
  • The heel cord/tendon is tight
  • The calf muscle is smaller than normal leg


The main reason for clubfoot is still under research but there are few studies which suggest the probable causes for this disorder. Some of them include-

  • Genetic factors
  • Disruption in the neuromuscular pathway in the brain, spinal cord, nerve, muscle
  • Skeletal abnormality
  • Environmental factors

How to Prevent It

There are no specific ways to prevent it but some lifestyle changes in the expected mothers' lifestyle like stop smoking or drinking etc can help in preventing it.

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