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Squint Eye

Squint eye, also known as Strabismus or cross-eyed, is an eye disorder in which the eyes don't look in the same direction at the same time. So one of the eyes may turn in, out, up, or down while the other eye looks ahead. Although it frequently affects kids, it can also harm adults. So, Squint eye Treatment is recommended to correct a Squint.

Types of Squint eye:

Squint eye can be classified according to the way the eye turns. So there are the following types of Squint eye:

  • Hypertropia- when the eye turns upwards
  • Hypotropia- when the eye turns downwards
  • Esotropia- when the eye turns inwards
  • Exotropia- when the eye turns outwards

Causes of Squint eye:

  • Congenital- a person is born with Squint
  • Hereditary- a family history of Squint
  • Injury- any eye injury as a result of an accident
  • Childhood illnesses- progress after contracting a disease like measles
  • Nerve damage- due to a cranial nerve injury
  • Weakness in eye muscles- weak eye muscles may lead to Squint in a later stage

Symptoms of Squint eye:

  • Eyes pointing in different directions
  • Children may have vision problems in one or both eyes
  • Children may occasionally close one eye in bright sunlight
  • Children occasionally experience double vision or visual confusion

Diagnosis of Squint eye:

  • Visual acuity test- to evaluate the alterations in eyesight and distance vision clarity.
  • Cover/uncover test- to gauge how the eyes are deviating and moving.
  • Alignment and focus test- to assess eye movement, focus, and unity.
  • Retinal exam- observation of the physical structure of the eye to check for the presence of other eye diseases.
  • Corneal light reflex test- used to estimate the degree of refractive error, which aids in choosing the correct lens power to compensate for changes.

Treatment of Squint eye:

  • Glasses- Applying glasses can help correct long-sightedness that may be a cause of squinted eyes.
  • Eye patch- The doctor advises covering the affected eye with an eye patch.
  • Eye drops- ENT doctor might suggest specific eye drops to cure Squint.
  • Eye exercises- The doctor guides how to carry out certain eye exercises that are helpful in the long-term for the treatment of squint eyes.
  • Injections- Several treatments can assist in weakening the eye muscles so that they line up better later.
  • Surgery- Surgery is viewed as the last resort for squinting eyes. It can be used to help in eye realignment and even to regain binocular vision.

Prevention of Squint eye:

  • It should be diagnosed and treated early.

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