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Leukoderma / Vitiligo

Leukoderma (Vitiligo) also know as White Patches

It is skin disease which causes loss of skin colour, skin pigmentation that leads to skin whitening. It can affect any part of the body. In severe cases, it covers almost all parts of the body.

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Common Symptoms

  • Premature greying of hair (eyelashes, beard and eyebrow)
  • Change in retina colour
  • Loss of colour in the mucous membranes (tissues that line the inside of the mouth)


  • Virus infection
  • Family history
  • Low Immunity level
  • Excessive mental Stress
  • Any autoimmune disorder
  • Acute or Chronic Gastric disorder

How to Prevent It

Leukoderma can be prevented by eating a balanced diet and home remedies.

  • Maintaining a balanced Diet
  • Include a portion of fruits in your diet especially banana and apples
  • Eat root vegetables like beat root, carrots, radish
  • Eat figs and dates
  • Use of green leafy vegetables