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Corns and Calluses

CALLUSES – Calluses is a very common condition where a yellowish colour thick/lump-like skin is formed. The skin of that area usually becomes hard and thick.
They are formed typically on the bone area under the toe or feet where the skin frequently gets rubbed against something footwear, ground etc

CORN – Corn is a kind of callus which usually form on top or side of your toe. They are made up of dead skin. Hard corns appear where the skin has thickened wile, soft corn appear where the skin is moist or sweaty.

Calluses and Corn are not harmful and they can be treated at home. But can also lead to infections if not timely taken care of.

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Common Symptoms

  • Thick, hard and raised bump
  • Rough area of skin
  • Scaly dry/moist skin
  • Pain or tenderness under the skin


  • Anything that causes pressure or friction on the skin
  • Shoes causing pain like high heeled or too tight
  • Shoes causing friction that are too loose
  • A badly placed seam in a shoe that rubs against the skin
  • Socks that do not fit well
  • Wearing no socks
  • Walking barefoot regularly, as the skin will thicken to protect itself
  • Repeated actions such as jogging or walking in a particular way
  • Ageing as there is less fatty tissue/less padding in the skin

How to Prevent It

  • Wash your feet every time you come from outside and before sleep
  • Always apply foot cream after thoroughly drying them
  • Wear well-fitting shoes and socks with seams that do not rub the skin
  • Remove hard skin regularly. You can use pumic stones which are easily available in the market
  • Buy shoes later in the day, as feet swell slightly as the day progress