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Angioplasty Surgery and Treatment

Angioplasty is a surgical procedure that is done to open heart arteries. A tiny balloon catheter is used with or without a stent which is used to widen the blocked blood vessel to improve blood flow to your heart.

The medicated stent helps in decreasing the chances of narrowing again.

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Why is Angioplasty done?

Angioplasty is done to treat the enlargement of fatty plaques in your heart's blood vessels.

Some common reasons for the need for Angioplasty are-

  • One has tried all non-invasive methods such as medication, lifestyle changes, etc.
  • Increasing chest pain problem
  • Heart attack


Risks involved in Angioplasty

Angioplasty is less invasive as compared to bypass. But minor chances for risk include –

  • Narrowing of the artery – There are 10%-20% chances of re-narrowing of the arteries
  • Blood Clots – Blood Clots can form around the stents after the procedure. One has to be careful and strictly follow all the after precautions advised by the doctor
  • Bleeding – There are chances of bleeding around the body part (leg, wrist, etc.) where the catheter was inserted

The less common risks are –

  • Heart Attack
  • Artery Damage
  • Kidney problem
  • Stroke
  • Abnormal heart rhythms – Heath can sometimes beat slowly or too quickly

How to Prevent It

Precautions that need to be taken after Angioplasty

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • No smoking and drinking
  • Control other medical conditions under control like Blood pressure, sugar levels, cholesterol, etc