We all feel down sometime or the other. Sometime there is no particular reason why are we feeling this way. And it is normal to feel low sometime. But the thing is, we should know how to come back to normal.

Below are 6 secrets which can help you to enhance your mood immediately and start afresh.

So here we go -

  • Go for a walk outdoor – Walking outside makes you more alive, energetic and optimistic. It helps you to destress, control anger and it gives positive vibes.
  • Listen to your favourite music – Music immediately lifts your mood if you are stressed, depressed or feeling lonely. It lowers the stress related hormone like cortisol, and boost your mood by increasing levels of happiness hormones like dopamine. You can Eat a chocolate – Chocolate contains ingredient like Serotonin which can elevate your mood. Also, chocolate is associated with happiness and celebration. Thus, eating a chocolate in moderate quantity can lift your mood.
  • Playing & hugging with kids – Frontal hug for 20 seconds can lower your cortisol level and it elevates your endorphin levels, which helps in reducing stress, depression, sadness etc. Playing with kids also have same effect.
  • Call up your old friend or family member – Talking to your old friend or relative can boost your happiness. They help you deal with any trauma, illness, job loss or anything for which you are feeling sad. Talking to someone close releases oxytocin in the brain and help keep you calm.
  • Meditate – Meditating is one of the ways to destress yourself. It helps to make peace with your mind, with your conflicting feelings, with your sad or depressed thoughts.
  • Dress up and show – Dressing up helps in building confidence and it also lifts mood. I am sure, you must be wondering how? Well, there are proven studies which shows that you get emotionally attached to what you wear. You have 100 of clothes lying in your cupboard, but you always wear repetitive clothes, why? that’s because you choose clothes which makes you feel good about yourself. What you wear immediately reflects your mood.

Follow these 6 secrets and you will see the difference within yourself.

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