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Vaccination for Kids

Vaccination is done to help the immune system to develop from protection from disease. It is the most effective way to prevent sickness from an infectious disease. Some of the diseases which have been eradicated from the world through regular vaccination include smallpox, polio, tetanus etc.

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List of Important Vaccines

Age Completed Weeks/Months/ Year)Vaccines
At BirthBCG, OPVO, Hep-B1
6 WeeksDTwP1, IPV-1, Hep-82, Hib 1, Rotavirus 1, PCV-1
10 WeeksDTwP2, IPV-2, Hib 2, Rotavirus 2, PCV-2
14 WeeksDTwP3, IPV-3, Hib 3, Rotavirus 3, PCV-3
6 MonthsOPV-1, Hep B3, Influenza 1
7 MonthsInfluenza 2
9 MonthsOPV, 2MMR
10 MonthsTyphoid Conjugate
12 MonthsHep A1, Cholera 1, cholera 2, *JE 1,
13 MonthsJE 2
15 MonthsMMR 2, DTP Booster 1*, PCV Booster
16 to 18 MonthsDTP Booster 1*, IPV Booster 1, Hib Booster 1
18 MonthsHep-A2
18 Months to 2 YearsTyphoid Conjugate, Meningococcal Conjugate
4 to 6 YearsDTP Booster 2*, OPV-3, Varicella 2, MMR-3
10 to 12 YearsTDap/Td, HPV 1


General FAQs related to vaccination

  • Q Why vaccination is important? What is the role of vaccines?

Vaccination is given to kids to protect and prepare them to fight against illness. It helps to prevent them from infectious diseases.

  • Q Will my child’s immune system be weaker after vaccination?

A No, rather, vaccinations will prepare your child’s immune system to fight against serious diseases.

  • Q Is my child safe after vaccination? Does that mean he/she will not get any illness for which the vaccination is provided?

A Vaccinations protect your child against the diseases by 80%-90%. However, there is no 100% guarantee that your child will not get infected.

  • Q Are there any side effects of vaccination?

A As such there are no serious side effects from vaccination, however, some kids may have a mild reaction like fever or a rash.

  • Q Why do healthy, active kids need immunization?

A All the children whether healthy or not needs to be protected. And thus, vaccinations are important. Do not wait for your child to fall sick. The best time to immunize kids is when they're healthy.

  • Q How long do the vaccines protect? Does it immune the child for lifetime?

A Most of the vaccines like measles or the series for hepatitis B protect your child for entire life. Some vaccines like tetanus need booster shots after periodic intervals for continued protection against the disease.

  • Q What if I miss a couple of vaccine dosages? Will it harm my child?

A Ideally, you should never miss any vaccination. However, if you miss any of them, do not worry. Get your child vaccinated immediately or in your next visit from your paediatrician.