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Ringworm is a skin infection caused by fungi (and not by any worm) that lives on dead cells/tissue of your skin, nail or hair. Ringworm infection can infect both humans and animals. The infection is initially red patches and slowly becomes a ring-like structure, clear in the centre and a red patch on the outside edges.

The infection can spread by itching affected area or using shared towels/clothes of the person infected.

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Common Symptoms

  • Some of the common signs for ringworm include-
  • Red, Itchy or scaly ring-shaped area on the buttocks, trunk, arms and legs
  • A clear or scaly area inside the ring while red bumps on the outside edge
  • A round, slightly raised patch of itchy skin


It is caused by fungi which sits on the outer layer of your skin. The infection can spread by following ways-

  • From Human – It can spread from the person infected if you share their towel or clothes.
  • From Animals – If any of your pet or animal is infected by ringworm. The infection can easily spread by touching your pet. Ringworms are common in pet dogs, cats and cows.
  • From an object – Ringworm can also be spread through an object if an infected person has touched/rubbed that particular object like clothes, towels, bedsheets, hankie etc
  • From Soil – Ringworm can also be caused by the soil

How to Prevent It

  • Wash your hands and legs with soap when you come from outside
  • Wear slippers/flip-flops at public showers and locker room near the pool area
  • Do not share your clothes and towel with someone especially if that person has ringworm or any other skin allergy
  • Always wear washed and clean clothes
  • Wash your hands after touching or playing with the pet