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Super Numerary Teeth

Super Numerary Teeth also known as Hyperdontia, is a condition where many additional teeth than desired dental formula (20 for children and 32 adults). This disorder is commonly seen with congenital genetic issues. The additional teeth can occur anywhere in the dental arch. The supernumerary teeth should be immediately treated before it creates further complications.

Common Symptoms

The most common sign is when you notice the formation of extra teeth behind or close to your primary teeth.

  • Genetic Disorder like Gardner’s syndrome (a disorder that causes skin cysts, skull growth and colon growth)
  • Hereditary conditions like Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (a condition that causes loose joints that dislocate)
  • Fabry disease (Condition that causes inability to sweat, skin rashes red/blue, abdominal pain, pain in hands/legs)
  • Birth Defects like cleft palate and lip (trouble eating or speaking, ear infection, defects in the opening mouth or upper lip)
  • Abnormal development of skull and collarbone like Cleidocranial dysplasia

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